WiFi and the Restaurant Review

Local restaurants live and die by online reviews, which is why Yelp, among others, has a business in the first place. That being the case, one would think that restaurants would go out of their way to make it really quick and easy and convenient for patrons to give them a positive review, but how would they do that?

First question: have you ever taken the time to go to the website advertised on your lunch receipt and write a review of where you just ate lunch? Me either. Why is that? It’s not that complicated, really. We either ball up the receipt and toss it in the trash, or write who we had lunch with and what we discussed before snapping a QuickBooks Online mobile app picture of the receipt, and then ball it up and toss it in the trash.

shutterstock_316020797Why do restaurants continue to try to get reviews from paper receipts? It doesn’t work. Furthermore, the ancient truth that when someone is dissatisfied with your product, they tell 20 people, still holds true in the online review space. Very few people will go out of their way to compliment a business, but when a customer is not happy, they can’t get to Yelp fast enough.

Second question: name the last restaurant you visited that did not offer free WiFi? Me either! And there’s the opportunity. Well over half of all restaurant patrons use the WiFi in the restaurant on their mobile device, which is also the means by which a restaurant patron would write a review of a restaurant.

What if a restaurant could engage any patron using its WiFi on their mobile device with a simple request to write a review while they are in the restaurant enjoying their experience, and offer a coupon to be used at a future visit as an incentive?

They can. We think that would be a much better way to get more restaurant reviews, the fuel of success for local restaurants.