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Six Things You Want To Know About Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing is all the rage these days, but for the average business owner navigating a new technology it can be daunting.  Suffering from ‘option overload’ is not uncommon, and the question of whether or not to invest the time it will take to traverse a steep learning curve often translates into lack of action.  Life shouldn’t be this hard – and it isn’t really – so here are a few pointers to dispel the rumors.

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WiFi – The language your clients already speak.

As any businessman will tell you, there really are 4 ways to make more money:
  1. Increase your prices
  2. Get more customers
  3. Decrease your costs
  4. Get your customers to spend more

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Hotel Guests Expect Free WiFi. Here’s How Hotels Can Change it from a Cost to a Source of Revenue.

Back in October 2014, Marriott was fined a whopping $600,000 by the FCC for blocking their customer’s personal hotspots and wireless modems. Using their own hotspots is one technique customers use to avoid exorbitant costs associated with getting WiFi access at most hotels. In fact, in the past few months, customers have been clamoring for free WiFi access, believing charging for WiFi to be an unreasonable move by hotels.

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