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Cell carrier takes a swing and a miss at WiFi marketing


We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us today about yesterday’s article on AT&T’s WiFi based ad injection practices reported by NetworkWorld’s @Jeremy_kirk.  Not only as validation that we as a company are in the right market at the right time, but to make sure that we avoid the obvious and unfortunate pitfalls experienced by AT&T as they enter this arena.  Thankfully we have a concerned following and one more reason to be proud of what we have built and how we insist it be deployed!

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4 keys to proximity marketing success

Proximity marketing is an amazing way to get ads and information to someone while they are using / enjoying your place of business.  Loyal readers and clients know that our company offers an ad platform that boasts a perpetual connection to your customers.  So, in WiFi user parlance – you get an unobtrusive, relevant message every 15 seconds rather that a one-time splash page.  The mission here is to enhance rather than interrupt a user’s session.  Even with this powerful tool you would be amazed how many times we’ve been asked; “Can I make the messages full screen?”

Well… Yeah… but you may be missing the point.

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Share the sandbox – WiFi & Bluetooth

We CAN all get along

Our history is filled with technology crossroads.  Within my lifetime alone we’ve seen technologies compete for the spotlight – one making the other obsolete.  VHS vs Betamax. Fuel Injector vs Carburetor.  CD vs DAT.  Often times the product that makes it into the public zeitgeist isn’t necessarily better, it simply has something more important to the masses – cost, a feature, size, etc.  However, in most cases technologies that would appear to be competing can actually exist together allowing for the ‘best of class’ pairing.  The location based marketing marketplace is once of those arenas.

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