3 Steps To A Successful Mobility Campaign

Mobility isn’t just a motorized wheelchair anymore. 64% of americans have smart phones, and while it’s hard to imagine 60% of the american public agreeing on anything, the ability to access and interact digitally without sitting at a desk appears to be one of them. Those of us old enough to remember a world before smartphones (or cell phones for that matter), have a hard time grasping the magnitude of opportunities this offers us as business people. For example – would you believe me if i told you that 38% of smartphone users conduct banking transactions while at the checkout line at a store?  Or that 39% do so while eating at a restaurant?  

We’ve talked many times about the “how” of hyper-local / proximity marketing, but not the “why”; we skipped a step!  Let’s back up a minute so everyone can catch up.

While back in the day the way to reach any man (or woman) was through his stomach, the path now is clearly through the cell phone.  Stop now wherever you are –  unless driving or operating heavy machinery – and look around.  How many people are looking down at their phone right now? Technology has become the great equalizer.  Oblivious to race age or religion, those of us who interact with a smart device have unwittingly become this century’s ‘United Colors of Benetton’.  Your mission while running a business,  (…should you choose to accept it…) is to engage with these folks as often as possible.


An example of mobile phone usage from our friends at JPMorganchase.com


1. For G-d’s Sake, Offer WiFi!

Whether your customers, clients, patients or guests are in your place for 8 minutes or 8 hours, you have the chance to give them something they want.  Doesn’t matter if you are selling boats, burgers or baseball teams – making quality wifi available is a nice gift to give.  And everyone likes a nice gift.


2. Pick a Message & Stick With It

How many times have you walked into a store and been overwhelmed by the barrage of information, colors, ads, promotions and sales?  Wall art, standees, table tents….  I walked into a 6’ standee at a coffee shop once, then asked the barista if they had what I had just knocked over…  it’s too much.  Think of your marketing as a conversation you are having, don’t go off on a tangent, make sure your point is understood.


3. Be Relevant To The Moment

TalkingWiFi, iBeacon, in-app ads…No matter how you reach your target, make sure yours is not just another conversation they are trying to avoid.  This is ESPECIALLY important with proximity / hyper-local marketing.  Remember the “Holy Trifecta of Marketing”- be relevant contextually, geographically & behaviorally.   Deliver a message that they want to hear, when they want to hear it.

Mobility marketing in 2015 is a lot like having a website in 1995 – everyone is telling you you need one but no one can tell you how to best use it.  As previously stated, there are many options available to you – some better or more specific to your needs than others.  Pick what works for you, but pick your moments!  Just remember that just because you have something to say, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience is ready to listen.