12 Big Reasons To Use Proximity Marketing

Colloquialisms are, for the most part, regional.  Sayings and expressions flow in and out of the public zeitgeist faster than the time it takes for a Father to panic on prom night. Even further, most mean different things depending on where you are.  For example; in the south if you order a Coke, the waitress may ask you what color you want.  In the mid-west you ask for a pop (not a soda) and hope for the best.  Up north when you order ‘a dog’, it means coney dog (hot dog covered in onions and chili).  If you order a dog in rural parts of the deep south – you might not like what you get! <jk>

No matter what you call it – proximity, hyperlocal, So Lo Mo – it’s here and it’s here to stay.  Folks are still trying to determine the best way to use it effectively in their environment, but it’s more a question of WHEN they embrace it rather than IF.

We will talk in more detail in the coming weeks.  Until then, here are 12 big reasons why an old phrase is still a hot commodity:


  • Devika Girish

    Great infographic. Thanks for sharing. And yes I totally agree with what you said. Proximity marketing is definitely the latest buzzword in the marketing sector. And one of the main reasons behind this is the insight that technologies such as beacons offer into customer behaviour patterns and loyalty patterns and other big data. Such deep insights will definitely help brick and mortar stores stay ahead of competition.Yet, many marketers even today are not quite sure about how to put beacons to use.We have discussed a few proximity marketing best practices here: http://www.business2community.com/consumer-marketing/top-4-proximity-marketing-best-practices-01365432

  • http://encircle.io/ Akash Kotadia

    Excellent points. Proximity marketing is certainly spreading rapidly among businesses among different sectors. It was found in a recent study that in 2016, 85% retailers will be using beacon technology and $44 million will be generated from beacon messaging. Also, 57% customers checked their phone in-store to check for coupons and 79% customers who opened the shopping related notification made a purchase.

    But there is a general misconception that beacons are used only to push offers. But this isn’t true. There are many other uses of this technology which the retailers can take advantage of. Here are some of the experiences which retailers can create using beacon technology- http://encircle.io/industries/retail