4 Way Hotels Can MAKE Money with WiFi



When was the last time you went to a hotel and marveled at the speed and quality of your WiFi?  Take your time…We’ll wait…
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Google wants to crush iBeacon with Eddystone

So Google has decided to try and crush iBeacon with their Eddystone.  Anyone familiar with the technology landscape saw this one coming a mile away, right?  Apple – the cool, hip, always works, underdog turned giant, iEverything company releases iBeacon 2 years ago so now Google must reply.  Google – the anti-Apple, pseudo-open source, Orwellian 1984 meets Skynet’s 2015, develops an all-too-similar version of the same technology with a few minor improvements and makes everyone second guess deploying anything at all.  It’s Google+ all over again…
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Cell carrier takes a swing and a miss at WiFi marketing


We’ve had a lot of people reach out to us today about yesterday’s article on AT&T’s WiFi based ad injection practices reported by NetworkWorld’s @Jeremy_kirk.  Not only as validation that we as a company are in the right market at the right time, but to make sure that we avoid the obvious and unfortunate pitfalls experienced by AT&T as they enter this arena.  Thankfully we have a concerned following and one more reason to be proud of what we have built and how we insist it be deployed!

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