A Brief History of Public Use/Guest WiFi

Remember back in 2000, when this brand new organization called “The Wi-Fi Alliance” was formed?

Most people don’t, and most people born after 1990 will give you a very strange look if you tell them that “WiFi ” was not a thing during the Clinton administration. And once WiFi started to get traction, it took a while before it became ubiquitous. Today, WiFi sits below food and shelter for basic first world necessity, but it wasn’t always that way.

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12 Big Reasons To Use Proximity Marketing

Colloquialisms are, for the most part, regional.  Sayings and expressions flow in and out of the public zeitgeist faster than the time it takes for a Father to panic on prom night. Even further, most mean different things depending on where you are.  For example; in the south if you order a Coke, the waitress may ask you what color you want.  In the mid-west you ask for a pop (not a soda) and hope for the best.  Up north when you order ‘a dog’, it means coney dog (hot dog covered in onions and chili).  If you order a dog in rural parts of the deep south – you might not like what you get! <jk>
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3 Steps To A Successful Mobility Campaign

Mobility isn’t just a motorized wheelchair anymore. 64% of americans have smart phones, and while it’s hard to imagine 60% of the american public agreeing on anything, the ability to access and interact digitally without sitting at a desk appears to be one of them. Those of us old enough to remember a world before smartphones (or cell phones for that matter), have a hard time grasping the magnitude of opportunities this offers us as business people. For example – would you believe me if i told you that 38% of smartphone users conduct banking transactions while at the checkout line at a store?  Or that 39% do so while eating at a restaurant?  

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