Flipping The WiFi Data Funnel – NFL Style

Remember when download speed used to be the most important aspect of your internet connection? We were far more concerned with how fast we could pull files and data from other web properties than we were with upload speed. We didn’t upload anything! That’s why most home and even some business ISP plans still reflect a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio of download to upload speed.
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Hotel Front Desk + Wi-Fi = Context

The typical communications scenario between hotel and guest at any hotel goes something like this. When you enter the hotel, there are a few simple signs telling you what events are going on that day, a shelf full of trifold brochures for places and things located nearby, and the front desk. When you need any real information, you call or go to the front desk. One of the first things most people ask the folks at the front desk is, “how do I get on the Wi-Fi?”
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Benefits and efficiencies of proximity marketing

You’ve heard of “proximity marketing”, and you’ve probably even looked at how you might implement this technology. The possibilities are strong, and the technology – in various forms and solutions – promises to put your best foot forward to every customer who enters your location.. The question is, how exactly will this relatively new and relatively unproven technology fulfill those promises?Continue Reading..