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Making WiFi Work for You

Are the customers inside your space a question mark? Are you providing WiFi without capturing and utilizing real insights available that tell you what your customers are doing and where they are going? Are you enhancing their visit with extremely relevant, targeted messaging?

A new breed of ROI - Return on Insight:
Harnessing the power, ease and acceptability of WiFi - whether your customer connects to it or not - we provide real visibility into your consumer patterns of behavior, both virtual and physical. This enables you to target products and messages, adjust traffic patterns and maximize your entire space to capitalize on every opportunity for a sale.

Only Hotspot delivers insight beyond the analytics:
We capture where your customers are going, how long they are staying, what they are doing and what they’re viewing online. Then we transform that information into an actionable plan that you can use to drive more business for you and any other vendor participating in your space.

More than WiFi, we deliver real customer insight to build intelligent marketing decisions that drive revenue for your organization. Learn more.

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