• Reach Your Customers

  • With The Right Message

  • At The Right Time

Increase Sales With

Proximity Marketing

Not an app, iBeacon or splash page

Our WiFi based platform lets you perpetually deliver geographically, demographically, and contextually relevant messages directly to your customers’ mobile devices while on premise.

Any Frequency | Any Size | Any Shape | Any Media | Any Transparency

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Custom insights and


Footfall Analytics Complement Your WiFi Proximity Marketing Campaign.

Using hard numbers and heat-maps we paint a picture showing how, when and why your physical marketing and merchandising is working;  how many people walked through or passed by your location, where customers are shopping, how long they’re staying, how often they visit and much more.

Word on the street

  • “It’s the only trackable delivery system that allows me to market to my guests while they’re in their rooms using our WiFi.”

    Sean DOS, Wyndham Pittsburgh University Place Hotel
  • “Now that we have this level of insight, the sky’s the limit in terms of the results we can expect from our efforts…” 

    Dale, Manager, Mitsubishi Electric
  • “Hotspot Revenue enabled us to turn our client’s down time into an informative, interactive up sell opportunity.”

    Michele, Esserman Nissan & VW

Features & Options

Hotspot Revenue provides a robust, reliable, scalable proximity marketing & analytics solution.  Our platform includes in-depth analytics and insights that will work with any current provider or is available turnkey.

Customer Friendly

There's no software to download, no logins required, no settings to change or accept. Nothing will intrude on your shoppers' experience.



Shoppers are at your location using your WiFi. This highly targeted demographic is distinguished by where they are physically located.


You control 100% of the content including size, shape, transparency, location and direction on screen, posting frequency and more.


Our analytics package allows us to give you hard numbers and heat-maps to identify customers' physical movements, dwell times, traffic patterns and more.

How It Works

A shopper arrives and connects to WiFi…

They can instantly surf the web. There’s no app to load, no form to fill out, nothing to accept or approve. You deliver contextually relevant messages to your prospects or customers while they are on location.

Recapture their attention…

You can deliver messages enticing them to purchase, inform them of upcoming promotions, entertain and educate them, or simply to engage them with your brand.

You learn while they shop…

Even if your customers don’t use WiFi, we can offer a wealth of insightful analytics that give you dwell times, shopping habits & traffic patterns – insights on your physical marketing, performance, accountability and ROI.

 Proximity marketing works!  
Delivering relevant content to relevant people at the right time increases revenue.


Cisco reports that a whopping 70 percent of mobile users are now using public WiFi, up from 33 percent just two years ago.



According to Wakefield Research, 48 percent of consumers said they are more likely to shop at a store that gives them access to WiFi.



OnDeviceResearch reports that 74 percent of respondents would be happy for a retailer to send a promotion while they’re using in-store WiFi.