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Increase upsell, loyalty rewards and brand loyalty.

100% effective and user friendly. Hotspot Revenue presents the next evolution in Mobile Marketing / Location Based Advertising. Not bluetooth, but a WiFi based medium that offers a constant connection to your users. Educate your customers WHILE they are sitting in your space.

Capture attention through the entire session. Why place an ad on a single page / site when you can sponser an entire session, no matter which page the user goes to? Offer ad placement on the entire session to generate REAL traffic. Unobtrusive to the user and attractive for your message or media buyers.

More potent than splash pages. Our patented technology gives you the means to:

  • • upsell clients while in your place(s) of business
  • • convert your revenue stream away from Pay-Per-Use
  • • attract Fortune 500 media buyers
  • • keep your customers attention while using your WiFi

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